A Day in Viñales 1 (Private)

If you are in La Havana and you don’t have time enough during vacations for staying in Viñales, do not lose the opportunity to visit one of the most attractive place in Cuba. In this one day excursion, you will have many activities in our region and you will know a lot about Viñales. All these activities will be away from the commercial route you may find in the big tour agencies all over the country. It will be a new experience that will turn your holidays in an amazing adventure.
The Viñales Valley is a National Park and also it was declared Cultural Landscape of the Humanity in 1999 by UNESCO, without doubt, it is a wonder of the nature to be visited.

These are the places I suggest you to visit in this excursion:
Viewpoint in Los Jazmines, the most known panoramic view of Viñales Valley.
Visit to a local tobacco farm, where we will discover its traditions, the real tobacco farmers’ lives and customs and the methods they use to work, which are almost the same as their ancestors 200 years ago. We will also learn about the tobacco growing, the drying process and the production of puros, a traditional homemade production.
A visit to the tobacco surling house, an important stage of the tobacco process, it is the place where the tobacco is selected, fermented, dried and the leaves are packed.
A visit to Las Cuevas del Indio, where we can walk 200 meters inside the cave, enjoying the different forms of stalagmites, stalactites and a tour in a boat on the river that goes through the mountain.
A visit to Palenque de los Cimarrones, a small cave where we have the opportunity to know about the slave traditions and their way of life. Those slaves ran away from their owners to be free.
A visit to the Museum Adela Azcuy, located in the main street in Viñales.
A visit to The Mural of Prehistory, one of the largest open-air frescoes on the planet and also the place where we can enjoy the best piña colada in Viñales.

It includes: A specialized multilingual local guide, entrance to all places.
It lasts: 10 hours, including a means of transportation.
Price: 50 cuc per person.

Price of the round-trip transportation
140 cuc in a modern auto until 3 persons
160 cuc in an american classic car until 4 persons
200 cuc in a VAN until 7 persons

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