Day in Varadero (Private)

If you stay in Havana and do not have many vacations that allow you to stay in Varadero, do not miss the opportunity to visit the most famous and attractive beach in Cuba, an extraordinary place for the unique beauty of its white sands and blue waters.
During this beach day, a little separated from the tourist groups of the large travel agencies, we offer you a unique opportunity, where you can enjoy the tropical sun in a unique and special way, an experience that will make your vacation an experience I can never forget.
Varadero beach is one of the best known tourist places on the island of Cuba and is a wonder that deserves to be visited.
If you wish you can visit the Cave of Saturn, a cave that has a natural pool inside where you can take a refreshing bath.
You will have a private taxi at your disposal that will go to your hostel in Havana and at the end of the day will take you back to it.

Duration: 10 hrs, including transportation time
Includes: private taxi driver at your disposal
Roundtrip transportation price: 140 cuc

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