Horse-Back Ridding

This excursion is the most popular among tourists visiting the town of Viñales. It is done in the heart of the Valley of Silence, which is known for its beauty and its authentic green color. In it we have the opportunity to observe the different crops that exist in the Cuban fields, taking into account the season we will find plantations of tobacco, rice, beans, malanga, cassava, corn, etc.
This tour, which takes place between the mogotes, rivers and lakes, allows us to discover unique landscapes, many of them still virgin, where the technology of man has not yet arrived, where the beautiful views that surprise us at each moment will make us feel In a fantastic paradise.
While riding a horse we will find farmers in the area doing their daily work with which we can talk and exchange ideas with the help of your private guide. We will also visit a local tobacco farm, where we will be able to observe the tobacco dryer, we will learn about the process of the best tobacco in the world, where the farmer will make us a natural cigar with his own hands and we will be able to appreciate the rural architecture of the Cuban farmers.
We will also visit a local coffee farm, where we will have the opportunity to learn about Arabian coffee, which was introduced by French settlers and which has been cultivated in the Viñales Valley for over 200 years.

Includes: specialized guide, tasting of a Cuban cigar and a Creole coffee
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and German
Duration of the excursion: 3-4 hrs
Degree of difficulty: medium
Distance: 9 kms
Price: 30 cuc pen person
Does not include transportation

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