This excursion brings us an unique opportunity to enjoy the immense beauty of our landscapes, to know face to face the plain, the mountain, the traditional and the divinity of some dream landscapes.
We leave by car fromViñales up to a place a few kilometers away from the historical center of the town.
The first stop of the excursion should be in the field where we will be able to see the different crops the farmers plant (dependant of the season of the year). We will also see them working with the traditional tools and we will have the opportunity to visit a farm where we can learn about the exciting tobacco world.
Later we will go up to the mountain area where after walking a little bit in the shade of trees, suddenly we arrive to natural viewpoints that let us in shock because of the beauty of the different landscapes: valleys, mountains, and a spectacular view to the ocean.
During this excursion we will see the most indigenous and representative of different local species of the flora and fauna, some of them are endemics.
It will be a wonderful experience where we will find a little bit of everything: plain and mountain.

It includes: a specialized local guide, taste of a Cuban cigar and a Cuban cup of coffee.
Languages: Spanish, English, German and French.
Distance for walking: 9 km
Degree of difficulty: medium-high
Price: 20cuc x person
It does not include means of transportation.

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