This tour is specially for those persons who love photos. Those who are able to look further through the lens. You will be accompanied by a local guide to the most amazing and spectacular places. You will find viewpoints made by the farmer’s own two hands without touching its beauty. You will have the opportunity to admire typical Cuban houses, the most famous farms and also an extraordinary view characteristics of Viñales Valley.
You as a customer may take pictures of Cuban people, farmers working their daily work routine, old car from the fifties, a tobacco plantation and its drying sheds too. We will have the opportunity to visit the tobacco surling house, an important step to select and ferment the leaves of the best tobacco in the world. Beside of that we will visit the house of a farmer who has dedicated his whole life working in a tobacco plantation. He will show us how to make a handcrafted Cuban cigar and the unique opportunity to share with a Cuban farmer.

A means of transportation is needed for this excursion

It includes: A specialized local guide, tasting of Cuban cigar and coffee.
Languages: Spanish, English, German and French.
It lasts: 3 or 4 hours.
It does not include means of transportation.

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