The Aquatics

This excursion could be very special mainly to those persons who love nature. We leave from Viñales by car some kilometers to the historical center.
We may begin the excursion near The Mural of Prehistory, a majestic piece painted on the rock of a mogote.
First you may watch some natural and artificial lakes. They are use by the farmers for the irrigation of their crops and also we could watch different the local cultivation such as manioc, malanga, tomatoes, coffee, banana, tobacco, etc. Further on we should go up to the mountain where we will have the opportunity to be close and watch the endemic flora and fauna, including the litter national porks. The tour will be under the tree shade.
We will have the opportunity to know about the exciting history of the Acuáticos, a group of persons who had the strong belief they could cure all their sickness with water from the sources of the mountains. In that place we will take a rest for some minutes enjoying a marvellous view of Viñales Valley.
After that we come down through small and narrow path where we could see different varieties of cactus, jagueyes, bromelias, orchids and snails, most of them endemic in this region.
The next place to be visit will be a tobacco plantation, we may travel by car or by taxi. There we could have the opportunity to know about the traditions of this cultivation, this methods has more than 200 years without any significant change, due to this, it was declared Cultural World Heritage. In this farm we will visit the tobacco drying shed, watch at first had how a real cigar is done and taste a good cup of Cuban coffee.

It includes: a specialised guide, taste of a Cuban cigar and a Cuban cup of coffee.
Languages: Spanish, English, French and German.
It lasts: 4 hours
Distances: 9 kilometers
Price: 20 CUC / person
A means of transportation for this excursion is necessary. We can organise it taking into account the rainy season which can make this trip very hard and even dangerous.

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