The Tobacco Route

In this excursion we will have the opportunity to know and learn the secrets that allow our tobacco to be the best in the world. Depending on the season, we will visit the different stages and processes of the tobacco (nursery, plantation, harvest and drying).

By car we move to the different places to visit:
1. Visit to a despalillo, this is the stage between the producer and the factory, the process that is carried out here is little known but it is very important since the fermentation and selection of the leaves of tobacco destined for the elaboration of the pure
2. Visit to the Francisco Donatien tobacco factory, where the manufacture of cigars takes place.
3. Visit to the region of Vueltabajo, considered the best region in the world for the cultivation of the tobacco leaf, especially the covered tobacco, which is used for the layers that surround the Cuban cigars.
4. Have the oportunity of visit the farm´´Quemado de Rubi´´ that belons to Mr. Hector Luis Prieto, the yonguest Habano´s Men in the World, who will show us the work of a tobacco producer farm
5. We will visit first class farms where we can taste the handmade cigars made by the producer, here we can learn about the culture and traditions of the Cuban peasants, their methods and tools, we will also know the places where the layers are grown, very thin sheets that are used as a wrap for Cuban cigars.

It includes: a specialized local guide and entrance to all places to visit, taste of a Cuban cigar.
Languages: Spanish, English, German and French.
Duration: 5-6 Hours
Price: 45cuc x person
It does not include means of transportation.

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